Dorothea Exclusive Knitwear Collection "SevenTeen"

Dorothea , for summer 2017, presents a collection of hand knitted clothes which highlight each woman's femininity.

"SevenTeen"  collection consists of aerial kaftans, feminine dresses and magnificent  shawls which promotes the ultimate sense of luxury for all day outfits

Exquisite natural  yarns, such as cotton and silk, are combined with experienced hands to create elegant result. Traditional techniques of hand knitting and crochet create unique pieces that can be worn to the beach or a cocktail party, to holiday or office... 

Because details are very important to us, all of our creations are packed in a handmade linen envelope with ivory button, and a small gift...a little soap with orchid essence in an organza pouch so you can travel to a world of zen and ultimate armony.