Dorothea Exclusive Knitwear

The world is your runway

Lights on! It’s your time to shine and thrive. The world is your runway and all you need is to feel seductive, to be determined and to show the world what you really are: a stylish, selective woman that knows how to be in the centre of attention with your personality and style.
Dorothea Exclusive Knitwear has just revealed a new brand image to signal this classic, eternal style, the balance between the forms and the colours and the indulgence of hand knitted in precision contemporary clothes. As emphatic as black and white and as perpetual as the circle, the true style Dorothea represents is the most articulate way for a woman to say who she is.
So, get ready to find yourself in Dorothea and Dorothea in yourself, dare to be selective, respect your style and uniqueness. The world is your runway and they are waiting for you.